Worrying about Tuscaloosa and now all my friends in Louisiana

This is me on my Crimson Tide blanket - Roll Tide Forever!

Mom and Ben went to school in Tuscaloosa so it has always been a special place for our family. Looking at the destruction, it is hard to recognize places we know so well.

Please try to help them however you can – lots of great people and fabulous companies have stepped up. Will and Crystal are taking a load over this weekend. It will be many months before life is back to normal in T-Town.

And pray for the people of Louisiana as the waters move their way – Crystal’s family lives down there. I hope they and all of my other LA friends will be safe.

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Spenser Loves Baltimore!

Mom and I went with Ben to visit Shady Spring Elementary School in Baltimore. What a great visit! It was a special literary night and Katie, our favorite teacher there, went all out. Her kids even built me a special doghouse. I wanted to bring it home but Mom said it wouldn’t fit on the plane. The kids brought their parents and listened to my story. They wrote great questions on bone-shaped pieces of paper for Mom to answer. Every child patted my head as they left.

My new friend and I are the same age - 11 years old!

A special doghouse makes a guy feel really good!

Mom and Ben took me into Washington the next morning to talk with some other people who are interested in feeding hungry children. It was a cold and dreary day so we didn’t play on the mall but I did get a close look at the Capitol and the White House. I love Washington. It’s a great place to visit.

If only the people in that building would listen to Mom and me!

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America is coming!

Mom and I have been working hard on our next book, Spenser’s America. We are talking about all kinds of things that make America great and have been traveling and reading and talking to people as we collect stories. My America book will talk about natural wonders, man-made wonders, great days in American history, and some of the many things that are made or grown in our country.

One of the things that we love about America is the FREEDOMS we have to travel and learn and talk to you about this great country, the wonderful people who live in it, and the things we can do to help hungry children. What do you like most about America? Do you know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance? Mom thinks it is important that I know the words and what they mean. I think you should join me. We are all proud of this country.

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Spenser and Mom – and 1,000,000 Miles

That's cute little me inside my new Rolls Royce of traveling bags!

Yes, it’s true – Mom and I have logged over one million miles on airplanes – guess that’s why I’m America’s Favorite Traveling Dog. But even if we logged a hundred million, I’m not sure we could see all of the great places in this country. Thought you might like to see my new traveling bag – pretty nifty, huh? Mom likes it because she can put her junk in the side pockets. I like it because I can see out of the top as well as the ends. Let’s call it “my new Rolls Royce.”

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New York City at Christmas

I am such a lucky dog – Mom took us all to New York City at Christmas time to celebrate my big sister’s 30th birthday – and, of course, all of us means me, too. We ate great food, went to Ground Zero, saw the Rockettes, visited Little Italy, and had tea at the Plaza Hotel.

We also went to the Today Show on the Plaza with lots of Spenser books to donate to the Toy Drive and Spenser masks for everybody to wear. The big Christmas tree was up. It was cold, cold, cold but lots of fun.

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Great SouthWest Book Festival

While in El Paso, we were part of the Great SouthWest Book Festival sponsored by the El Paso Library. We met lots of nice people.

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Visiting El Paso – and all the good places in my book!

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When we went to El Paso for this trip, it was Baby Hannah’s first airplane ride.  She even got to ride in first class with Mom and me for part of the trip. 

We had such a good time visiting the funny Car Wash that serves great food and White Sands National Monument where Hannah and I played in the sand that doesn’t get hot.

We visited two schools and read to school children.  They brought food for hungry children.  Mom was interviewed by a local television station.  I was very good and quiet while they took pictures.

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