Spenser is hitting the BIG 100!

Think how long I’ve been working to feed hungry children –

100 years – 1,000,000 airline miles – 50 states – thousands of American children.

Spenser is 100 Collage

To celebrate my century, I’m inviting all of my friends to do 1 of 2 things:

Click on the link below and go to Smile.Amazon and register. Each time you buy on Amazon, a percentage will go to Operation Hungry Child. Yes, all kinds of purchases – books, goods, Kindles – not every purchase but many. And it costs you nothing out of pocket!!

Operation Hungry Child Inc







OR (could be AND 🙂 )

Go to Operation Hungry Child’s FB page and make a 100 donation:

100 pennies = $1.00
100 nickels = $5.00
100 dimes = $10.00
100 quarters = $25.00
100 dollars = $100.00

If you make a donation, I will send you a copy of my newest book.

Happy birthday to me! Love to you all!

(feel free to share this with your friends – the more, the merrier!)


About Spenser

I am Spenser, America's Favorite Traveling Dog (AFTD). I am a very little dog but don't tell my mom that - she thinks I'm human.
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