Spenser is hitting the BIG 100!

Think how long I’ve been working to feed hungry children –

100 years – 1,000,000 airline miles – 50 states – thousands of American children.

Spenser is 100 Collage

To celebrate my century, I’m inviting all of my friends to do 1 of 2 things:

Click on the link below and go to Smile.Amazon and register. Each time you buy on Amazon, a percentage will go to Operation Hungry Child. Yes, all kinds of purchases – books, goods, Kindles – not every purchase but many. And it costs you nothing out of pocket!!

Operation Hungry Child Inc







OR (could be AND 🙂 )

Go to Operation Hungry Child’s FB page and make a 100 donation:

100 pennies = $1.00
100 nickels = $5.00
100 dimes = $10.00
100 quarters = $25.00
100 dollars = $100.00

If you make a donation, I will send you a copy of my newest book.

Happy birthday to me! Love to you all!

(feel free to share this with your friends – the more, the merrier!)

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Spenser is Better!

Mom was so happy to see me!

Mom was so happy to see me!

What a scare! Mom went out of town and let me stay at the Pet Resort. While she was gone, I got really sick. Thankfully, I have a wonderful doctor and he came to visit me and knew I wasn’t doing very well. Dr. Stanley found a great surgeon and before Mom could get back from California, I was in the hospital having surgery. They removed my spleen and I did very well so Mom got to take me home as soon as she got here. I was sorry she wasn’t here when I got sick. When you don’t feel good, you really need your mama around! I am good as new now!

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Spenser Travels to Texas

Spenser has found some great new friends in Texas.  Although El Paso is one of our early books and we visited several times during its development and launch, I have now found friends in Lubbock, Houston, and San Antonio.  It is a big state and Mom likes it because she can drive fast!  We look forward to visiting the children at Lubbock Christian School early next year.


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Big fan!!

My friend, Jack, enjoying his Spenser book, Lindsey Brooks Buck and Joseph A. Buck IV! Makes up for that awful pillow he’s laying on…. — with Spenser Brooks.
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Big Fan!!

My friend, Jack, enjoying his Spenser book!  I bet Jack likes baseball as the St. Louis book talks about those crazy Cardinal fans!  Jack’s mom says the great book makes up for the awful pillow he’s laying on.
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New Friend!

Spenser's Friend, Ethan, and His Dog, Jill

I love traveling the country and reading stories to children. While traveling I make great new friends. Sometimes I make new friends because people read my books. I love it when I get mail – isn’t that fun? Today I got a letter from a special friend named Ethan who read my book with his dad. This is a picture of Ethan and his dog friend, Jill. Isn’t he cute? and isn’t Jill beautiful?

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Getting excited about the newest Spenser book!

Spenser’s America will be released this summer and promises to be the best book in the series. I am very excited about it and planning a big launch celebration.

Below is the whole book in a Wordle – do you know Wordle? Mom uses it to check for overuse of words when she is writing. I just like to see the pretty pictures the words make. You can tell which words are most important to the story by how big they are. Of course, Mom and Spenser are the biggest!

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